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„I feel more safe and it doesn't bother me.“ – Marie, age 78.

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From 350 Kč per month!


Assistance service for senior and family

Basic Service Description

Surveillance assistance service InspectLife was designed to help seniors keep their independence and to promote safety.

It is dedicated mainly to active seniors and their relatives.

It helps to notify trained employees of assistance service, who are able to provide help in case of emergency or health state deterioration.

Senior simply pushes emergency button or automatic emergency notification is launched.

Family member has opportunity to get actual information and provide help.

Both assistance service and device can be customized individually.

Service can help in situations:

  • Senior's health deteriorated or senior feels unsafe

    Senior notifies about the situation by pushing emergency button.

  • Senior fell down and is not able to recover

    Device can detect potential fall.

    Note. In both situations senior can talk to operator of surveillance service.

  • Relative person is worried about the condition of senior

    In certain situations relative person is permitted to get information about location and actual state of senior.

Service is helping also in situations:

  • Senior forgot to charge the device.
  • Senior left the device somewhere and is not wearing it.
  • Senior is not using the device.
  • Senior is in environment with insufficient coverage of mobile network.

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