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„I feel more safe and it doesn't bother me.“ – Marie, age 78.

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How much does it cost?

From 350 Kč per month!


Tool for caregivers

General characteristics of service

Surveillance assistance service InspectLife can serve as effective tool for providing care to seniors.

Service should help to guarantee higher safety of seniors and more effective work of employees who provide care to seniors.

Main components of the service for providers are:

  • continual monitoring of senior´s (surveillance device) status
  • determination of actual information about senior which could be useful for necessary help
  • providing of administrative support during assistance

System is designed for:

  • homecare agency

    Homecare agency employer will have better overview of seniors´ risk situations also during everyday duties.

  • provider of surveillance assistance services

    Surveillance assistance services provider will have the possibility to offer broad range of surveillance devices to the clients and flexible working tool for assistance desk operators.

  • surveillance center

    Surveillance center is able to easily start providing professional surveillance assistance services without the necessity of new software installation, internet access and web browser will be sufficient.

System can be also beneficial for:

  • seniors home
  • town/communities which can take care of their seniors

If you take care of seniors and if you are interested in providing surveillance assistance service to your clients,
please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with further information.


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