Basic information

It works!

„I feel more safe and it doesn't bother me.“ – Marie, age 78.

Customized service

Choose suitable service level.

Customized device

Choose device according your needs.

How much does it cost?

From 350 Kč per month!


Case study for caregivers

Small homecare agency

  • 10 seniors living at their homes
  • Employees of assistance service work outside their office
  • The most convenient way is to use InspectLife Surveillance as a remote service including the possibility of SMS notification in case of new events and access to the system by notebook or tablet connected to the internet from anywhere

Large surveillance assistance services provider

  • Tens to hundreds seniors living at their homes
  • Own surveillance center with operators
  • Possibility of own service software installation with own separated data storage
  • Possibility of service functions customization according to individual requirements of service provider

Pro oblasti Beroun, Kladno, Hořovice, Praha-Západ prosím volejte 777 336 986 (Milan Piovarči).

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